as sound and video professionals working with mainly contemporary video and sound artists we can use our experience from the world of traditional film and broadcasting industry and apply it to the unconventional situations of contemporary video and sound art.


we offer


sound postproduction


technical planning of art pieces

installing of sound/video art



We worked with art institutions like


Maxxi Rome

Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin

Sprengel Museum Hannover

Kunstwerke Berlin

Kunstverein Hamburg

Martin Gropius Bau Berlin

Kunstmuseum Bochum

Ruhrtriennale Duisburg

Pirelli Hangar Bicocca Milan

and many smaller galleries and art institutions


As well as these artists among others


Julian Rosefeldt

Kader Attia

Andrea Fraser

Susan Philipsz

Shazia Sikander

Christian Phillip M├╝ller

Julius von Bismarck

Clemens von Wedemeyer

William Kentridge

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